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Calum Lawrie


"Cal" plays the bagpipes, small pipes and whistles in Celtallica. He has been playing pipes for fifteen years now. An original member of the National Youth Pipe Band of Scotland, Calum has showcased his piping skills all over the world, with international appearances including performing to a crowd of 80,000 in Galicia, Spain, with Carlos Nunuz and The Chieftains, playing to millions on live TV in Vigo and performing in Ireland, Sweden, Belgium and Holland. He has toured America with the Ceilidh Peppers, and has also performed in Trinidad as part of a week of visiting local schools and homes.

Calum, a former Scottish Solo Bagpipe Open Champion, now passes on his experience through teaching chanter and bagpipes on a private basis. Contact him for more info.

Among his piping influences he counts players such as the late Gordon Duncan, Chris Armstrong and Finlay MacDonald. But he gives an extra special dedication to Alex Elrick, his solo bagpipe tutor for many years, who made him the piper he is today (and believe me it took a lot of blood, sweat and tears - and pool cue raps to his knuckles!!!)!

Calum plays a set of Shephard Bagpipes with Naill Chanter, a set of Naill small pipes and Alba whistles in the band. His pipe bag covers were custom made thanks to Keith McIntyre at Mac The Pipes and he wears a Black Tartan Kilt by kind sponsorship of The Scotland Kilt Company.

Calum reguarly plays at weddings and many other private events. If you wish to contact Calum regarding playing at your event, please email